About Us

About Us
Established in 2019, our team offers extensive experience and expertise in handling shipments across all major ports in Indonesia to support our client’s needs. We are committed to thoroughly understand your queries and assist in making all necessary arrangements at your request. With good relations with local port authorities and in-depth understanding of local regulations, we can ensure that every step of the shipping process is advancing smoothly.
Our Vision
To be recognized as the leading shipping services provider in Indonesia.
Our Mission
  • To provide outstanding services to support our client’s shipping needs.
  • To develop and maintain good relationships to boost efficiency in our work to deliver superior value to our clients.
  • To continue empowering our people and encouraging consistent growth.
We understand that communication is the fundamental aspect of the shipping industry. We are dedicated to always provide accurate information and prompt response throughout the progress, including operational and financial matters, to ensure all concerned parties are on the same page. Our dedicated team is available on-site and on-call in every port of call to monitor loading or discharging process and assist in arranging for needed supplies and other necessities.
We are a dedicated team of professionals with experience in handling shipments across all major ports in Indonesia



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